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Time Warp
Throwback Build!


eternity KANJI BUILD

The sound: this pedal is amazing, straight up. Firstly, it’s not completely transparent; it adds a slightly mid-humped, very warm character to your tone. I stress, very warm. The Kanji is probably best described as a low to medium gain overdrive; however, cranked up in front of a tube amp, this thing has gigantic balls, so you might even find yourself backing off on the Drive a bit. I usually tweak starting with the Level knob, as I believe it has the most influence over your tone, and then adjust the Drive and Glass to fine-tune the sound once I find it. 

The Kanji gives you anything from a gigantic warm clean boost, to creamy sustain on the neck pickup that goes on for days, to edgy classic rock tones. Although, as stated above, this pedal needs a bit of tweakage, but once you learn how to control the pedal, you can coax a lot of different sounds out of it. This is a very versatile Overdrive pedal.



“An amazing distortion pedal,” “You must try one.”

Andy Summers

The Police

“Heads and tails above everything else. Thanks man, you are a god amongst men!”


Richard Fortus

Guns and Roses


Drive, Level, and Glass Control
9VDC – 18VDC Input -True Bypass