BBB13 – OC76



Ge / OC76

Small Batch Build


Lovepedal Black Beauty Balance (BBB) is an NOS OC76 Germanium Transistor Fuzz Face / Rangemaster / Boost. The balance control blends a treble boost circuit with a fuzz face circuit. This allows for one to adjust the amount of bottom/bass in the response.

Do you sometimes wish your fuzz face had less bass? Well the BBB will do that! Fitted with NOS OC76 transistors the BBB has a beautiful edge of breakup tone (by adjusting the fuzz control on the pedal) to full on fuzz face style. The range of the pedal is huge, from a pristine clean boost tone to a fuzz with a broad range of bass response to fit the amp/guitar/mood. The clean up from the guitar is also outstanding.

This is a N.O.S. 10pc batch from 2013 available while supplies last..